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Identity confirmation and online document verification
Want to confirm your client's identity within minutes? Nothing's easier. CheckU seamlessly integrates into your website allowing your company to reduce fraud and increase profits while also ensuring fast and smooth customer service
What is CheckU?
It is a new client verification technology. CheckU combines online ID verification and facial recognition procedures to establish the link between person's offline and online identities
Document verification
Documents are verified based on 62 fraud indicators, including photoshopping, digital retouching, change of personal data and photo substitution
Biometric Verification
Facial image is compared with the photo on the government issued document (passport, ID card, driving license) using 128 unique facial features
Why CheckU?
CheckU reduces the time required for client verification process down to several minutes and automates the procedure, eliminating the need for human resources
Our solution supports government issued documents from 120+ countries across the world. New documents and fraud detection algorithms are added every day.
Automatic person's identity confirmation and document verification is 94% faster than manual check
All the data is transferred via secure connection to servers certified for personal data processing
How it works?
CheckU seamlessly integrates into your app or website and verifies your customer's identity in three easy steps...
Step 1:
Customer takes a selfie with their smartphone or laptop camera
Using the 128 features unique for each individual, the algorithm creates a digital mask for matching with the document (passport, ID card, driving license)
Step 2:
Customer makes a photo or scans their ID document
The submitted document is checked against 62 fraud indicators, including photoshopping, digital retouching, change of personal data and photo substitution
Step 3:
CheckU processes the received information and makes a decision
The state-of-art digital algorithms analyze the received information and calculate a score for the whole verification process. In a matter of seconds, a self-learning neural network decides to accept or decline the transaction

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Our Team
Artem Subbotin
Gennady Moukine
Anton Bochkarev
Mikhail Cheremnikh
421 K. Marx st. Izhevsk, Russia